Stories in Motion

Short films...videos...stories in motion...and for those living with Maximus Heart there is no middle ground. What are these visual tales telling you about your heart and how God is pursuing it, to use your passions for His purpose? 

SIM 001 - "The Heart of a Man." There are forces set against the heart God put into every man. Are you aware of how high the stakes are?

SIM 002 - "Beauty is Captivating." The human heart was designed by God for beauty. The music, the motion, and the evocative, captivating mystery of The Beauty...yes, this one speaks to that place in my heart.

SIM 003 - "What's at Risk?" You were born into a love story set in a world at war. In order to pursue deep healing, transformation, integration, and freedom, God will ask you to take enormous risks with your heart. There is a Larger Story that He's calling you up into...

SIM 004 - "The Superhero's Heart." When you were a boy, did you ever dream of being a superhero? Well, boys do grow up...and men need to realize that the superhero's heart inside of them is designed to show up in this dangerous be dangerous for good! Join us for this short film based on the Marvel Studios superhero films and how that mythology speaks to the deeper desires in a man's heart to show up and come through...for God, himself, and others!

SIM 005 - "The Hero's Journey - A Peek Into the New Warrior Training Adventure" Masculine initiation calls a man into a dangerous for good journey of his head, heart, and soul. Are YOU ready for your Adventure? The ManKind Project offers such an experiential journey for men 18 to 80!! Take a peek into a short video capturing the essence of the masculine journey of initiation and ask yourself: "Do I want more out of my life as a man?" The answer - and your Adventure - may just surprise you...

SIM 006 - "FROM GENERATIONS TO COME - A Poem by Mike Eiden" All rights reserved to author. Poem part of The New Warrior Training Adventure's Homecoming Celebration on May 11, 2018 in Louisville, KY.

SIM 007 - "Roots & Story - Men's Corner." A video podcast hosted and recorded with friend and ally, George Stoimenov, from the United Kingdom. This "Conversation with John Fontaine" covers a wide range of topics of a man's spiritual and masculine journey.