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Eye of the Tiger

A visual carousel of memories, moments, and meaningful touchstones from my spiritual and masculine journey - across decades of time and the desires of my destiny. Click on any picture to expand with captions.

John Fontaine
Maximus Heart
Mountains in Fraser, CO
The Wellspring of Life
Mountains in Fraser, CO
John Fontaine, Warrior Poet
Snowy Morning in Buena Vista, CO
Maximus Heart Training 2015
Refined by Fire
Maximus Heart Training 2015
My Bunkie
Maximus Heart Training 2015
Rak Chazak!!
Baby John Jamiolkowski
Jeff & John Jamo (The Twin Towers)
Black Beauty - My Alesis Nitro Mesh 10-Piece Electronic Drum Kit 2021
The Professor - Neil Peart
A Bronx Tale - Father & Son
Buddy Rich
Ringo Starr
From the film "Cinderella Man"
The Last Jedi
Beauty Dancing for the Moon
Carl Palmer
Strength & Honor!
Bronx Bruddas - Marco Benjoya & John Fontaine / Wild at Heart Advanced 2014
Stogie John
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