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The War Room

Here at MAXIMUS HEART, there is no doubt that we live in a world at war. Sadly, most American churches aren't teaching nor raising up their men to be spiritual warriors, to be well armed and do battle against the spiritual forces of the Enemy running amok in our land.


THE WAR ROOM on this site is a place where I will speak frankly and boldly about the spiritual battles I'm engaged in - as well as offering some avenues of training that have proven successful in God's calling me up into the fight. HEADS UP: The content within is for mature readers ONLY! Some of the language and the content will be raw, true, and disruptive...sometimes my spirituality is quite messy...and we live in a broken and dangerous world. If you're easily offended, THE WAR ROOM is not for you! Entrance into this room is by CLEARANCE ONLY!! You can be cleared for the PASSWORD by clicking on the envelope icon below and filling out a CONTACT REQUEST for admission (make sure to include your email address).


John Fontaine

Warrior Poet

Dangerous for Good

Angry Boy.jpg

The Scars & Stripes 
of Fatherless

FATHERLESS has become the last cancer, the equal opportunity killer, the final breath of a castrated spiritual and masculine man in America...

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Let the Dead Bury the Dead

And, so recently, I came upon what I titled "Letter to Addiction." It was, I found upon reading it again after nearly 6 years since I put the words to paper, some sort of break-up letter to a lover who almost killed me...

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Healing the Wounds of Sex
Coming Soon

Somewhere in all the dysfunction of lust, sex, and porn, I lost my eye for the Daughters of Eve - and the Beauty that once captivated me...

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