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Ask for the Ancient Paths:

The Unfolding Story of MAXIMUS HEART

"Stand at the crossroads and look, ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls."
                                                             Jeremiah 6:16

God - as only He can - broke some very disconcerting news to me recently: He informed me that my heart wasn't going to be sacrificed to or for a ministry that had begun to crawl under my leadership just two years earlier.


'Maximus Heart isn't about you anymore. It's FOR you.'


At first, I didn't know what that meant...until I listened to the wisdom of standing at the crossroads and looking...asking...for the ancient paths. What exactly does that mean for me, my heart, and my story wrapped up in the spiritual and masculine journey?? 


 You see, I want to live out a story that's worth living! "And I have," as a good friend named Morgan recently said,  "lost the ability to bullshit anymore." I've done a terrible job trying to out-God God in arranging for either very small stories to fill up the void of not living in the Larger Story or creating more "fig leaves" to hide behind in fear, shame, etc. So, at the nudging of the Wild Goose (what the old Celts called the Holy Spirit) - and with a set of circumstances that have recently led to a shuttering of all that MAXIMUS HEART used to be - I stand at the crossroads and look. 


It's OK for me to tell you that I can't see the path ahead of me - but I trust the One who has laid it out before I even reached it. Welcome to the unfolding story of MAXIMUS HEART...and you are encouraged to join in as we share stories from the wellspring of life!!



John Fontaine



Welcome message from John Fontaine

What's the Rumpus?

In this season of walking more deeply with God, I wanted to include a place inside The Unfolding Story where I can check in with flotsam and jetsam of my own heart.

One of my favorite movies is "Miller's Crossing" by the Coen Brothers. Throughout this film, I always chuckle when I hear one of the characters speak the line, "What's the rumpus?" If you're not in the know, a "rumpus" is a noisy disturbance or a commotion.

So, what's the RUMPUS today?

For me, it's learning how to shut down the internal symphony of voices that tend to speak inside of my head, heart, and soul. I've tended to call them The Lost Boys...a street gang of opinions, remarks, and judgments that may or may not have any foundation in the truth. As I am trained more efficiently in discerning God's voice in my heart, I find that shutting down the committee gets easier as I surrender myself to being still, removing the drama, and listening to the whisper of the Spirit as it guides me along the path.

It's inside the Matrix is a cacophony of distractions, overload, and 24/7 media masturbation that will steal, kill, and destroy the ears of my heart. But if I choose to turn away from the rumpus and focus on where the action truly is - which is God and His calling and purpose for my heart and its story - then I will be more focused and free of the Spirit of the Age. 

So, that's the rumpus...for now. More will be revealed...

John Fontaine

August 19, 2016

Wow...I mean, wow. OK, so it's been a few days...weeks...months since I last checked in here . The death of Ransomed Heart's Craig McConnell certainly sent my spirit and heart sideways - yet God, in His infinite mercy and unforced rhythms of grace, showed up to allow and invite a deep grief. And on the other side of that, I was faced with a major illness, short hospitalization, and continuing path of healing. Yeah, didn't see that one coming!! 

So, what's the RUMPUS today?

Man...gratitude. Employment. Medical insurance. Time away from work to begin healing. A more acute awareness of my own health and how I've been doing a really piss poor job of taking care of His temple. The financial means to be able to pay the incoming bills. The prayers and support of those around me at work. And a renewed connection to my heart and its story...and it truly is a story that matters to God!

Additional gratitude for men who have found Maximus Heart over the past few months and reached out to me in search of connection to men in this area who are passionate about the Ransomed Heart message and ministry...I was able to refer them to a good man with a huge heart for this work. He began his own ministry outreach in the wake of the changes God created in Maximus Heart - and it's joyful to know that God is bringing him men who he can connect with as well. 

So, that's the rumpus...for now. More will be revealed...

John Fontaine

October 27, 2016

"Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." (Proverbs 4:23 NIV)

As John Eldredge says in his powerful book Waking the Dead, "A battle is raging. And it is a battle for your heart." This I know to be true - if nothing else, this truth has been presented over and over again since I chose sides with God and declared Jesus to be the Lord and Shepherd of my life over 10 years ago. 

I purchased a new laptop computer earlier this year, and I've been naturally diligent in keeping it upgraded and secured with virus protection on a weekly basis. Sounds logical and prudent, doesn't it? 

So, what's the RUMPUS today?

Well...I'd like to think (or even confess) that guarding my heart...above all else can and does take precedence each and every day. The Enemy of God is effective and consistent in waging war against my heart daily...and I'm certainly not a novice in being trained as a warrior against the spiritual assaults that put my heart into the cross hairs every day. 

Yes, the Life that God offers through deep and personal relationship with Christ is something I have to fight for. It doesn't just come packaged and delivered to my doorstep. The journey - while breathtaking - is also fraught with battle, adventure, and beauty. In the battle for my heart, I deserve to follow the instructions from the wise and discerning Spirit given to me. Anything - and everything - that opposes God and His purpose will be looking to attack...and I have a crucial role to play in God's Larger Story and my heart is certainly worth guarding.

So, that's the rumpus...for now. More will be revealed...

John Fontaine

November 3, 2016

Well, the death of a second brother in my family within the last 20 months has, oddly, been numbing to my heart. Grief, of course, brings many memories - some cherished and some unwanted. Next summer I'll turn 55 years old...midway through yet another decade. For some reason, God has taken these opportunities of loss to come more fiercely after my heart...and the dismantling of The Poser my masculine journey has sought isolation in for too long a time.

So, what's the RUMPUS today?


What does that mean? For me - and my walk with God - it means leaving formula and questing in search of relationship. It means entering a season of intentional reconnecting to and understanding of my story. And - most importantly - it means that I am going to undertake "the road to Mordor" that Frodo and Samwise took in order to be faithful to the task given to them. 

I look forward to learning more, through the Spirit, about just exactly what my Shire is...and why it's time to trust God and leave it. I confess that in my own wounding and brokenness, I've spent time abandoning the glory that God put upon me and my story. I've played it safe...much more than I've ever wanted to.  But there is something deeply alive in me that has been forgotten, abandoned...and that desire is NOT dead. God is the life force within it, the language of my heart and dreams that I've stopped speaking.

As Samwise said, "If I take one more step, it'll be the farthest from home I've ever been."

So, that's the rumpus...for now. More will be revealed...

John Fontaine

December 27, 2016

As I sit here today - feeling reconnected as a branch to the True Vine - I am experiencing both a peace of heart and also an understanding that in Leaving the Shire (as I've come to call, with God's blessing, this season on my masculine journey) I have come to an agreement with Jesus that I am willing to invite Him into those deep and mysterious places in my story that I've kept hidden and locked down for far too long.

Simply put: It is time to heal and be made whole.

I'm not in denial - I've fought this step quite a bit since Christ captured my heart for His back in 2005. Some of you can relate to the thoughts I voiced to myself: "I'll get around to it...Man, this feels like too much work...Why even try?...It's not going to work for me. Others? Sure, but not for me."

So, what's the RUMPUS today?

Getting out of my own way and inviting God to lead me wherever He so chooses as we journey from the Shire together. Of course, that is going to be opposed big time - already has and certainly will continue to be so. Health issues? Still have some dogging my steps. Financial challenges? Yes, sir - right there with them. Relational issues with others? Oh, man - wow...still trying to figure out, with Spirit's help and a lot of grace, whether my main relational style is "moving towards" people or "moving away" or "moving against" that gets the most airtime. 

As I'm composing this, I'm listening to the soundtrack of one of my favorite films, Legends of the Fall. It's a stunning tale of fathers and sons, love and betrayal, adventure and courage, and the fierce heart that God puts into a man and how the story of the heart is truly central. At this juncture, I feel a bit of Colonel Ludlow in me - as well as parts Alfred, Tristan, and Samuel. One of the themes I love about the film is how - to both glory and sometimes detriment - the men listen to the voice inside their hearts. One Voice - I know - is always True and beckons me to The Way. The other - sadly - does not, and is in opposition to how God desires me to walk and live with Him. Echoes of the Fall.

And, in the moment, He is well pleased that I am walking with Him and not running off on my own...or away from the path He lays out before me.

So, that's the rumpus...for now. More will be revealed...

John Fontaine

February 20, 2017

"Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from Him." (Psalm 62:5 NIV)

As I know to be true about my spiritual and masculine journey, the story of my heart - in both the old self and the new creation - at times will find itself engaged in a sort of civil war inside myself concerning hope...or the lack thereof.

In the dozen years I've been walking with God, I am always pleasantly surprised and readily amazed when Scripture, through the movement of the Spirit, captures my heart and the pain of its truth in such simple and powerful words.

Wow, soul, in times of the lack of hope, needs rest. Not drugs, porn, food, isolation, or Netflix...but rest in God. After the past few days of battling the spiritual warfare that the Enemy uses in hopelessness, I found myself (today) just whispering to God, "My hope is in YOU."

So, what's the RUMPUS today?

Being in the Yes with God instead of believing in the lie of No that the Enemy will insinuate or accuse me of. God is in constant and continual pursuit of my heart - all of me for all of Him - and as this journey of Leaving the Shire continues in my story for His glory, I am reminded that God is fiercely committed to the restoration of my soul.

Rest and hope. That is certainly worth fighting for - and most certainly worth accepting from a Father who loves my sonship. 

John Fontaine

April 12, 2017

When I return here after a long hiatus from checking in, there is a part of me that wonders, "What took me so long?" I don't have an answer...and that's just fine. Truth is, I'm always wondering - in some form or fashion - as to what this is all about. WHAT IS THE RUMPUS? 

Lately, the battle has been a different kind of brutal. As of this writing, I literally have $4 to my name. Yes, that's in total. No family. My job - for lack of a better term - is a clusterf*%! that doesn't want to end. Mission? Flat, uninspired. Health? I'd lay even money it's going to be either a heart attack or a stroke that will bury me before I'm 60. No wonder drugs and sex are such powerful anesthesia for a broken and wounded heart...and I'm clean and celibate but I know how well they work. And yet...

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." (Proverbs 3: 5-6 NASB)

So, what's the RUMPUS today?


Even looking at the word makes me pause. In it I see another word...rust. Makes sense - if I don't use it, it'll probably grow some rust. So...I choose to trust the only Jesus I know. My understanding? Now that's graduate-level clusterf*%! if nothing else. Sure, I know stuff...have learned stuff...the hard way. Even in the midst of brutality, I call upon Papa and He sees...he listens...he rescues. And I can definitely use all the straight paths I can find these days.

John Fontaine

September 12, 2017

There are times when life - and a story worth living - becomes a sweet time of walking with God. 2017 has been a year of loss, challenges and battles, and many other landscapes that have been traveled. I've chosen to enter a season with God that gives me permission to choose and create a habitat of healing, restoration, transformation, and breakthrough in my life and in the story that I am seeking to understand through the eyes of God.

So, what's the RUMPUS today?

An honest look into the mirror and the madness of my own story - no blame or shame - but the courage to speak truth to my own heart.

Looking back in time, I am blessed to have 37 years of journals to mine for such truth. It may not seem like it, but it takes immense courage to enter this journey. To give you an example of some of the story my heart's been dealing with, I'll share an entry from about a year ago:

"DECEMBER 2, 2016: On Wednesday morning, my oldest brother, Mickey, died at the age of 66. Sad news...what seems even more sad is that I hadn't seen or spoken to him since 1994 (over 22 years). Coming out of my vacation fog...feeling lonely, forgotten dismissed. Lies...

"Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful. (John 14:27) Jesus, I confess I don't do such a great job at this. Today, it feels as if You are the only friend that I have in life. Please don't leave me - I know You are here to teach me something through Your Spirit, the Counselor You sent for me, to me.

"What occurs to me, Lord, is that I am a broken and wounded boy pretending that I am a whole and holy man. It's not working and it doesn't make sense because it doesn't make sense - no matter how hard I try to wedge that fucking square peg into the round hole.

"Father, I also confess that this journey of the last 11 years hasn't always been a picnic. The Enemy has done quite an effective job at diminishing my heart. What am I to make of my life, my story? It seems, well...cruel, pointless, and hopeless. Lies - but whispers of truth do surface. It feels as if I'm poised to enter some sort of trial, test, or journey of initiation that is just about me (both the young boy & the man) and You...Father, Son & Spirit. It seems inescapable, looming, as if this is the ONLY WAY to go if this life with You is to have/hold any real meaning or true purpose."

(From JOURNAL FORTY-FIVE: "The Heart of the Story - One Again," pp. 39-40)

Here's to me, that little boy inside, the young man who followed in his footsteps, the man I've become, and the man that God is continuing to call me to be. That is certainly a journey worth staying the course on...

John Fontaine

December 1, 2017

Sitting on my couch, 2:30am, I think about being on my current job for the past 5 years. I'm not even sure if this is the record for my job history. I've had a lot of jobs, many different roles and not really a career.

Or maybe in God's human resource plan, I've been blessed with a phenomenal career??

The back cover of a local magazine offers the advertising wisdom:

"Open the door to new opportunities..." 

It's an advertisement for a local university. I've graduated from the University of Life - School of Hard Knocks Campus. Suma Cum Laude. 

So, what's the RUMPUS today?

The movement of God on the spiritual and masculine journey is certainly not always a linear path. The word lateral is in play within a certain part of my heart and story right now...and it cannot help but open the door to new opportunities.

Over nearly a year and a half now, I've been examining the ancient paths of my heart, seeing what fits in the moment, trying it on, trying it out, blundering around. I'm not the role I play on my job - nor am I the falling short of my flesh, even when that has great impact on my own heart and those closest to it. 

No....I believe that some new opportunities are just God's way of getting the attention of my heart in alignment to His Larger Story. 

John Fontaine

December 21, 2017

It truly is a dangerous world out there...

Having been trained as a warrior for decades now, I am amazed at how sometimes the battles pick me. In my current scope of action, an illegal drug den has infiltrated the apartment building I've lived in peacefully for the last 9 years. The action is taking place in the apartment directly above mine - the landlord is stepping up eviction procedures on the unit and its perpetrating tenant; the police department (Uniformed & Narcotics Divisions) has been involved and dispatched to my location several time over the past week; and I'm trying to regain peace of mind (along with spirit, soul, body, heart, and will) in the face of constant harassment, threats of physical violence against me, and the revolving door of trespassers and strangers that are present every day.

Over the past few days, God has realigned my heart to be in prayer for my enemies - to love them where they are at as He so graciously has loved me in the same way countless times in my story and His Larger Story. Some days (...minutes, hours...) it is truly easier said than done. 

So, what's the RUMPUS today?

Accepting the fact that I used to be imprisoned in the dark and deadly abyss of addiction - and the realization that it's only due to God's scandalous grace and mercy that I've been given the freedom to live outside of the nightmare.

This fluid situation has been reminding me of old wounds taken in family violence and the rabid self-destructive path I sought for decades through the use and abuse of substances. In my arrogance and hubris, there are moments when I consider myself better than and on a pedestal above such ilk and their nefarious deeds. And God knows the truth about who I was, what I did, and how I acted in those dark decades.

So, as the daily lessons continue to unfold in the drama playing out in front of me, I return again and again to Jesus - my Shield, my Strength, my Savior. He is the Rescue from the madness...that which can still whisper into my mind and in the real time adversity I'm living through as His Kingdom approaches. 

John Fontaine

February 13, 2018

All along the journey so far - and yes, indeed, asking for the ancient paths - I find that God is fierce in His pleasure for showing me that it truly is His Larger Story that I'm a part of and have a role to play in. So, when verses like Jeremiah 29:11 come to life through His Life flowing through me...well, naturally it still takes my breath away.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (NIV)

Over the last 2 weeks since Father called me up and out and away from my job as an Executive Assistant with Louisville Metro Government, I've avoided thinking about that verse quite a bit. After all, ending 5 1/2 years of public service didn't come easily, without struggle, or void of challenges and the accompanying spiritual warfare. Yet His grace is truly amazing...and His Word is always True and Faithful.

Over much of the last 2 years, God has been faithful to walk with me through a serious health condition, an ever-growing hostile work environment, and much warfare that I was both trained well to handle and from which I had grown weary and tired of battling on all fronts. Although God had been true to pursue healing, freedom, transformation, and breakthrough in my heart and story, I had the presence - through His Spirit - that a much larger turn was approaching. And so it came...even though I had been avoiding it, dreading it, and denying it. None of that mattered to Jesus - His fierce intentionality is flawless!!

So, what's the RUMPUS today?

Truly surrendering to God's will - and to actively accept being both a Student and a Son to Him and with Him. There's been a radical surgery to my spirit, where now I feel more tuned into the Spirit of God than I have in a very long time. He's lovingly shown me how to ask for help...and how to lovingly accept it as it flows my way. He's called me into seeing each new day's travel into the unknown and wild frontier of my spiritual and masculine journey as an adventure we are taking together. And He's continuing to unfold the truths of Jeremiah 29:11 in only the bits and pieces of His treasure map that He gives to me moment by moment. 

It's a scandalous freedom - one which I never could have imagined and an ancient path He's been calling me to for quite a long time. Oh, yes - there is work to be one each day and my hands ( story...) aren't idle. Traveling with the unforced rhythms of grace is truly an amazing journey.

I wonder where the Wild Goose will take me next??

John Fontaine

July 28, 2018

Now what?

I am not the same man i was the last time i asked for the ancient paths. i love reading the scriptures where god changes a name. 

family of origin or family of choice or orphan? I imagine that there is always a choice. a little less than my father and more like my dad. 

when god called me into a late summer's day adventure (inviting me to begin a journey in which i'm choosing to reclaim my birth name which I legally changed in 1998), i had no clue of what was coming or the reason why.

when god called me out of a season of rest and renewal towards a series of new job opportunities, i had the excitement to walk with god into a frontier of choosing between two good things. 

i keep running into this notion: i can either have god or i can have understanding - i usually can't have both.

So, what's the rumpus today?

into a season of my mid-50's , i find myself in a place where i prefer the company of god the father, son, and spirit more pleasing than certain characters that somehow get cast or written into the script.

i can't tell you why it's taken 4 months to come back here to look at the fork in the road. i can't tell you why i feel like i'm attending the funeral for a friend. legally changing my name back after 20 years of being known by another one is going to take longer than i think. and then there's the state of confusion that will obviously impact some of my circle - employer, friends, and even some here that follow my mission platform.

it's ok. god is leading the way, so i'm pretty sure it'll be ok in the end. faith is sometimes one of the most peaceful walks in the woods that i've ever enjoyed. trusting in him. being who i am in him. like returning to the rumpus after months away...the scenery is always the same but the experience is remarkably different.


i am amazed to be following him during these final months of 2018 in what has been a year with a theme of "soul to soul." connection with the father, son, and spirit has been challenging, amazing, breathtaking, and dangerous for good. do you have a sense of god speaking into your heart, story, or habitat in a particular sense of direction or theme or invitation for the upcoming year? 

"be still and know that i am god." powerful words. a compass, really, in a busy and driven world. as god continues to lead me into the frontier of my spiritual and masculine journey, i find that the places i fear going the most are the deepest places in my story that Jesus wants to come into in order to heal me. 

and for that, too, i'm eternally grateful.

John Jamiolkowski (aka John Fontaine)

November 22, 2018

Interestingly enough, when God finally called me out into the frontier of what I would name as a journal harvest, I thought it would never really progress as anything more than a vanity project.

As I begin to walk through Journal Eighteen (which highlights my 26th year of living), I'm filled with an anticipatory joy of meeting Father somewhere deeper in His Larger Story.

I  have a limited supply of John Eldredge's book, EPIC. If you would like a free copy, please click here and one will be sent to you (one per household while supplies last).

Now as I continue to be captivated and fascinated by seeing how God sees my story(ies),  I'm sensing Him coming in closer to heal some very old and deep wounds there. In that part of my story, I was in love with a young woman named Angela. I was also in love with addiction, willfully choosing to selfishly self-destruct any goodness that was possible in the pursuit of love, marriage, a career and family. Could I believe that God (not really sure there was much of a relationship with Him back in my mid-20's) would bless such things? Today , yes. Then, all I knew was the hubris of my decisions made in a maelstrom of selfishness and greed.

So, what's the rumpus today?

Five months ago, I knew that Jesus was up to something in my life that I really couldn't explain - as if He was calling me deeper into the frontier and offering no map, compass, or comfort in the fact that He knew I knew that I was completely lost without Him.

I want to keep living like that...

Like living in the beauty of Spirit guiding me into listening to delta wave sleep and relaxation music on YouTube. All day at work and sometimes at my apartment at night to sleep. Comforting, soothing, healing - just what a Father wants for His son in the Story of the wounds and in the redemption of their  broken parts.

Some of what I've been reading has been hard to swallow - just the raw arrogance of my life and its train wreck path of drugs, sex, unemployment and loss of heart. All of it written down in impeccable detail and electric hope. God was after something in me from the age of 17 (when I first began my journal collection). As I revisit and reclaim the story with Him, I find myself searching more for His heart for me through the good, the bad and the ugly of it all. 

As the journey continues, I'm confident that the Trinity will keep leading me deeper into - and through the discovery of - the Larger Story and my role in it.

John Jamiolkowski (aka John Fontaine)

April 27, 2019

So here I am again, seeking answers to questions I don't really have. I know that God is in the business of rescuing my heart, story and habitat. I am eternally grateful for that grace. But as I'm listening to Tommy by The Who , I can't help but think about like unfolding as story.

Right now, in my Journal harvest with God, I'm into Volume 18 and the age of 26 (1988). A very selfish time of my young life and small story. I'm the kinda guy who will say he only wants to eat one Zinger but ends up wolfing down three. I'm in the subcontracting business of paving the best roads with the not so best intentions. 

Saturday night, my only possible date is with Netflix or sleep. I love listening to Tommy because it reminds  me of my childhood - hearing the sounds of music coming from someone's stereo. Quite the education...for me as a dabbling drummer, hearing the outrageous and brilliantly talented Keith Moon was too much to handle. It drew me into the music, and the music drew me into the story. 

So, what's the rumpus tonight?

The album is intoxicating to listen to, at anytime. Once I start I don't want to stop. It's also a musical opera about redemption, and trust me - I don't usually dig opera. I could used some redemption today - in my story, my heart. 

John Jamiolkowski (aka John Fontaine)

May  18, 2019

I'm coming back to write some more, mere days later, perhaps in an attempt to pursue something more holy. There's no guarantee that will happen before Domino's Pizza arrives. Sanctification in 30 minutes or less.

All for what?

A deeper walk with God? 

More will be revealed...

And so here I am, Memorial Day and not much to do but eat, watch Netflix, and wonder about returning to work tomorrow morning. Or is that worrying about returning? Not sure, and not sure why. 

Maybe it's funny that's there's a Domino's Pizza sitting in my fridge. Maybe God's always on time with the delivery of Himself because it's the food I really need to be feasting on.

On this day of remembrance for the sacrifices made in the sake of freedom, I find myself thinking about how God made the sacrifice of Jesus a reality for all to choose - a choice of freedom in Him that also comes with the training  to battle in the ongoing war to advance the Kingdom of Heaven. 


In my own brokenness and wounded parts of my story, I find that God is very much interested in healing those deeper scars from battlefield traumas and the  carnage done to my soul.  It's messy, M*A*S*H-style surgery in my heart, story, and habitat that only God as Father can do. By giving Jesus access to my story - as messed up as it is - I can assume the role of patient and put my faith in the Physician who is the most qualified to save my life.

So, what's the rumpus today?

A sense of having to grow up at nearly 57 years of age. Hand-to-hand combat with shame, dread, and isolation. Sexual healing and wholeness and holiness. Mission and ministry and calling and passion and purpose. Questions: Why am I here? What is my role in the Larger Story of God?  Should I watch "West Side Story" before it leaves Netflix? And eat 3 slices of pepperoni pizza? With garlic? 

Or perhaps I should watch "Saving Private Ryan"  or "Blackhawk Down"? I have a variety of war-themed movies. Or maybe my pinned down heart needs a SEAL Team rescue from Jesus in just doing nothing and just being the me He sees and loves right here, right now.

That's worth fighting for - and being rescued from.

John Jamiolkowski (aka John Fontaine)

May  27, 2019

"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." (1 John 1:9 NIV)

Even a stubborn, hard-headed man like me can finally learn a lesson if I fail forward at it long enough: sin should lead to conviction through the Spirit of God...and that should naturally lead to confession before God since I chose/performed the sin before Him, even before I acted out in the behavior(s) of the chosen form of rebellion...and from their I should humbly walk through the doors of repentance - which means, in my heart, that I'm walking away from that sin/choice and truly don't want to make the same mistake(s) again. 

Easier said than done? Yes, I'm not the only one who has fallen into that trap, too. As I enter my 15th year of walking with God (I'll turn 57 this coming Tuesday so, yes, better late than never), I'm continuing to be humbled by Jesus and His pursuit of my heart, story, and habitat.

As a single man, I've been celibate from sex with women since accepting Jesus in my heart as Lord and Savior in 2005. But, sadly, I've engaged in sexual sin nonetheless...far less at times than others but still choosing that dead-end to life life instead of a Sacred Romance that God has been faithful in wooing me into.

So, what's the rumpus today?


Yes, there is unfinished business here between me and the Father, Son, and Spirit in relation to the healing of my sexuality as a man. There are deep agreements I've made in the broken and wounded parts of my sexuality as a man and my sexual story that I am renouncing and breaking. There is victory over the darkness that I can claim and there are chains to be broken (still) by the power of Jesus' life, death, resurrection, ascension and authority. This will require courage, valor, truth, and humility. 

But in claiming the full rights of sonship - and choosing to no longer live as an orphan or a slave - I'm going all in on Jesus and His claims that I can read for myself and know - and learn - to be the Truth that will, indeed, set me free.

John Jamiolkowski (aka John Fontaine)

July 14, 2019

The  last few weeks have been precious time walking with God...not easy but without dread, anxiety, or shame for the way I've been living out my faith in Him. Connection with - and reconnection to - friendship and relationship seems to be one of the Major Themes that He's tuning up in the musical instruments of my head, heart, and soul.


After worship this morning, I find myself called to the creative with Him. It's a wondrous place to be - not with any sort of plan but having a sense of being led into a deeper part of my story and the role I have to play in His Larger Story. It's been nearly three weeks since being separated from my full-time employment, but His grace in showing me the next steps inside this wilderness adventure has been both breathtaking and just a bit unnerving. 

Yet the time together with Father, Son, and Spirit has elevated my heart into  a posture of humility and deeper faith, trust, and hope. I've seen answered prayer in relation to friendships and relationships I thought might be lost or forgotten. I've also had  my heart burdened with sadness in connection to friendship that has now taken its own path away from God and all that He offers.

Right now in my story and walk with God, I'm understanding that I need to seek out some counsel and wisdom for places in my heart, story, and habitat that need deeper healing and transformation. This is not an easy journey to take. Yes, oh my goodness, YES - the counsel and wisdom of the Holy Spirit is more than enough.  But He is asking me to open a vulnerable part of my heart to someone else.

My struggle - at times - has been bumping up against this sense that's it's always ME who initiates connection, friendship or relationship to and with others in my story. Ironic...and, yes, a bit arrogant to think it's all about me, up to me, or about me. That's an old posture where I set myself up as the owner of a lonely heart. No one cares, no one loves me. God is both fearless and faithful to guide me into how He sees my heart and deeply care for my story.

So, what's the rumpus today?

Taking risk with God - risking connection, risking friendship, risking relationship to and with others, and taking the risk to take the parts of my heart, story, and habitat that need His radical healing, transformation, breakthrough, and restoration. I don't have a map for this wilderness nor do I need to think I'm so smart as to need a compass I don't really know how to use.

I can have God or I can have understanding. Usually, I can't have both. Once more I choose God. He's not in the business of letting me down.

John Jamiolkowski (aka John Fontaine)

July 28, 2019

Life creates opportunity to walk more deeply with God...and there are times when I think I've drawn the map all by myself. I find myself considering all the strange journeys that God has called me on since 2005. That's why I love the intimacy of it - the shared brotherhood with Jesus and the Fathering by God along with the counseling wisdom of the Spirit.  With the powerful impact of God's Word, I've also learned the Larger Story and the love of the Gospel.

But I can't please them all...

This particular season has been somewhat challenging. Not a lot of motivation since my hand injury early in the year and the subsequent partial finger amputation surgery in March. Healing is complete and life goes on with 9 1/2 fingers, albeit a somewhat diminished typing speed. Being laid off from a pretty nice job wasn't planned and finds me this summer in a different phase of the story than last year.

And that's the unknown path that God will take a man down in order for the connection to grow more deeply between my heart and story and His amazing grace and mercy.

I confess I don't always get it right or that I don't like doing it mostly on my own. One choice comes from laziness while the other comes from pride. As some old characters seem to be getting written out of the story, God seems to be writing new ones into it.

And so I am prompted to understand that His will is always being done...even when I think I'm doing anything on my own. As imperfectly as I turn my will over to the care of God, I always find myself - totally unique, I'm sure - in the place of knowing that I'm holding back an aspect or two of my behavior or personality that God is particularly interested in addressing that might not seem convenient to me at the time.

So, what's the rumpus today?

Knowing that the rescue of my heart, story, and habitat matters to God, I'm pretty sure that how He's been growing me up over the past 14 years has had its benefits. I know I'm a different man, but that's just me. Even so, it's good to know that something that happened in Christ has had such an impact in me.

John Jamiolkowski (aka John Fontaine)

September 1, 2019

Seasons come and seasons go, and part of my heart, story, and habitat has been infused with a sense of both endurance and survival. As God continues to grow me up in both wisdom and discernment, I am learning that I am being called to truly understand what is at stake.



Frankly - and bluntly - I sense God is fiercely intentional in His telling me, "Son, it's time to grow up."

At 57 years old, there's something disconcerting in hearing that. I've been walking with God since 2005 since being baptized and making a public declaration of my faith in Jesus Christ. As I continue to follow my True Father through a sustained season of harvesting my massive JOURNAL collection (begun at the age of 17 in 1980 and now in its 47th handwritten volume), I am amazed to see how He was always there writing His Larger Story upon my heart and their much smaller stories.

Each January, I counsel with the Spirit of God in listening for a theme for the upcoming year. For example, in 2018 it was "Soul to Soul." How God manifested this with me was that  every day I would be looking for Him while out and about - and I would see all these KIA Soul cars passing me by...supernaturally I would always see at least 3 when I was either going to or coming home from somewhere. On the occasions when I would take a meditative walk around my Old Louisville neighborhood to either think or pray, I would always be shown at least 7 Souls. One day - in a particularly tough time - God set the record and had 19 Souls visible to me.

This year's theme?

Live United.

This actually came from the new full-time job He blessed me with last November with the local nonprofit, Metro United Way. After 8 months with them - and going through the health challenges involving the bone infection in my hand and subsequent partial finger amputation surgery in March of this year - it was determined that my role with them would be coming to an end as of early July. 

One of their mission themes is "Live United," and so I adopted the lead of Jesus that I clearly see in the Gospels and felt excited about the possibilities that this stage of my professional career would bring. 

So here I am, 5 months later, still unemployed. Am I grateful for the unemployment insurance and SNAP benefits that I am receiving? Yo, absolutely!! And as I continue doing my footwork of searching for and seeking His will and direction towards the next role He has for me, I am also grateful for the opportunity to deepen my faith in trusting that all things will work out for His good in the timing.

So, what's the rumpus today?

Getting action in the journey of maturing with God as He Fathers me - for I Am Prodigal!!

I find myself traveling the road of early recovery again after succumbing to the wiles and temptations of addiction. Fortunately, God has surrounded my heart, story, and habitat with amazing people and paths to renewed healing and restoration. 

But, as my mentor John Eldredge likes to say, "The heart is where the action is."

So I am choosing to abandon exile and isolation and reconnect to community -  my local church, some safe crucibles of recovery and men's work, as well as the platforms of co-creativity with God that truly allows my soul to thrive.

And as these seasons come - and go - I am beginning...even with baby steps and awestruck keep running back into the arms of my True Father and to seek His face and look towards the Coming Kingdom with the heart of a son who is truly learning how beloved I truly am.

John Jamiolkowski (aka John Fontaine)

November 23, 2019

Answering God's call to check back in here on a weekly basis is feeling a bit like initiation - something the Father is requesting of me, His son. Don't get me wrong...I'm happy to do it, and it feels (in my creative spirit) long overdue. 

Could this, in a creative sense, be a healthy example of repentance? After all, God gave me these creative gifts to use in the advancement of His Kingdom - and, honestly, I've been afraid to use them on many different occasions.

Most any time I'm working on creative projects (writing, websites, etc.) I am also listening to music. Right now my laptop jukebox is playing "My Heart Will Go On," the love theme from the film Titanic. It has now segued into a song called "Softly" by Journey guitarist Neal Schon. Some of the lyrics go like this:

"When the day dissolves into darkness,

Night falls as far as you can see,

Then I'll try to leave behind the madness,

Once again you will come to me.

It gives me the strength to know you belong to me,

Give me all of your love."

I love the elegiac beauty of Neal's guitar solos - this one sounds like he is flying through  the beauty  of a sunrise on the wings of eagles. And I know that God is always coming for my heart, story, and habitat in just the same way.

"I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston is now playing. Tears fill my eyes.  God has - and will - always love me. As in the story of the Prodigal Son, He is there off in the distance, love burning in His heart, peering off with joyous expectation for my return...and off the charts happiness when He sees me on the horizon. 

The last 5 weeks have been an amazing journey of deliverance, coming home, and - yes - repentance. Right now, the next song is "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack. How amazing, in His Coming KIngdom, it will be to see Jesus face to face!! But my Father's love for me - and the rescue of HIs deep fathering of my heart, story, and habitat - gives me glimpses of such an indescribable glory.

So, what's the rumpus today?

It's so good to be feel the blessings of know that my heart is so close to God's right now that it feels as if both beat as one.

There are vast regions of my story when this was not true...couldn't be true...and much pain, suffering, and warfare kept it from ever coming true. Now is not that time.

Maybe it's taken as long as it's taken to learn the lessons in such a way that the Student was truly ready for the Teacher to appear. Perhaps my heart is truly beginning to become good soil. 

Or maybe - just maybe - repentance is simply the acceptance of the love that God has for me...through the gift He gave for all of us to receive. The turning from a wide path that goes nowhere can lead me onto the narrow path that goes to the heart of the matter...and directly into the heart of God.

Funny, but now "The Long and Winding Road" is playing. Go figure...but my God is like that!

John Jamiolkowski (aka John Fontaine)

November 30, 2019

"Be still and know that I'm God." (Psalm 46:10)

Okay, God - easier said than done. If , as a man, I'm created in the image of God (imago dei) then God must be someone - like me - that may have challenges being still. And it's amazing how the knowing comes into play and into existence within my heart, story, and habitat.

I was participating in the monthly Intro to Men's Work circle this past Thursday, identifying that my "work" was around the fear I was experiencing around economic insecurity. Having been separated from my full-time employment back in July, I've been very grateful for God providing both unemployment insurance benefits (it took me a second to understand that by working full-time I've been paying my insurance premiums in case of such a situation and, therefore, had earned the benefits) as well as SNAP benefits (a fancy government term for Food Stamps). 

At the men's work circle, I was speaking to my fear of hearing the world's clock "ticking" down...both benefit programs are only for a limited time and scope. I've been actively pursuing a new full-time role since July with mixed results, none of which had brought about a job offer. Even the hope of doors opening for interviews had begun to dim.

I had been to an interview earlier in the week, but even though it went well I found my heart in a place of questioning God's timing in opening other doors of opportunity. So as I was checking in with God at the end of the night, praying and talking with Him, I heard that deep whisper in my heart:

"Tomorrow, son, I want you to be still and know that I' m God."

It felt sort of, well, counter-intuitive. Something...perhaps the fear or a sense of drivenness...told me that now was not the time to be still. But lately God has been on an enormous rescue mission of my story so I knew I could trust His advance words to me.

So as I occupied my day with doing laundry, cleaning my bathtub (a long overdue task) and working on other non-job search related projects, I received not one, not two, but three contacts local organizations wanting to set up personal interviews with me here in Louisville next week.

WOW! The emotional hangover this morning was a reminder that God is always in the business of pursuing my heart and story for His glory!

So, what's the rumpus today?

A simple revelation: I need MORE of God and I need MORE of being still and knowing who He is.

A lot has been going on in my heart, story, and habitat lately - and there is much activity on the horizon. I think it's wise to adapt to and adopt a humble perspective of being still, trusting in God, and knowing that He's also in the eternal business of being God

He broke it down in the Old Testament pretty simply to Moses: "I AM!"

John Jamiolkowski (aka John Fontaine)

December 7, 2019

As the journey - both spiritual and masculine - continues, I find that end of year transitions have greater impact on my heart, story, and habitat more so now than in my childhood.

At 57 years of age, I am painfully more aware that as I am maturing I am becoming more, well, like my father. My earthly father, Michael, was a man I never fully understood in my story growing up. All of these are my judgments: he was emotionally closed off, angry, yet also hard working, stoic, and somehow resentful to play Life with the hand of cards that he was dealt. He knew things I've never known and yet kept the teaching of these secrets to manhood limited to my older brothers and not to me. Sometimes I think that he modeled to me the capacity how not to love because he was afraid of how vulnerable it would make him to others. 

At the end of our relationship - father and son, before he died in 1996 - I did recover some sens of love, connection, and forgiveness for the way we both didn't know how to communicate to one another. It was eight months after his death that I was invited by a man I know to experience an initiatory journey for men called The New Warrior Training Adventure that was - now in hindsight - pivotal in leading me more towards recovery, restoration, renewal, and my eventual surrender to Jesus and God's will in my life.

None of this has been done - or accomplished since - perfectly. Frankly, it's been a hot mess at times...most of the time? If I labeled my spiritual journey at all, I would borrow a book title and call it Messy Spirituality. Yet it's the kind that I believe Jesus would pull up a chair to and sit with me inside of, not afraid of what others would think of Him for hanging out with me.

As I put these thoughts down this morning, I'm walking into such a time and place of transition in my journey with God once more. It's such a blessing to understand that I don't have to have it all figured out, arranged for, lined up in neat order. I'm pretty sure some of the hours, days, weeks and months ahead in 2020 will be messy at best. But, in faith, I'm also sure that Jesus will be right there with me, walking with me, counseling me, initiating me, and, yes, continuing to Father me.

So, what's the rumpus today?</