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Everyone has a story.

This is a crucible that can hold any story.

You're invited to step in, turn some pages, and take the risk to see your own story within those shared here.

Adult Content & Language Included


The Four Winds:
The Battles of Brendimore

A novel excerpt from a multi-book fantasy series chronicling the stories of four powerful forces in the battles of good versus evil.

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A Circle of Men:
The Original Manual 
for Men's Support Groups

This book guides men in finding and inviting other men into a support group. Then goes into an exact training in communications skills, awareness, conflict resolution and the play that keeps a group together. This new edition also includes five delightful new chapters on the 30 year history of the ManKind Project from the perspective of a founder.

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A Memoir of 
Maximus Heart

Harvested from over 40 years worth of handwritten personal journals, this disruptively honest and brutally bold look into the heart and story of one man's spiritual and masculine journey is a breathtaking confession of the redemptive power of grace's rescue and God's glory.

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