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A Short Story Collection

Inspired by collaboration with Francis Ford Coppola's artistic creative online community, Zoetrope, during the Summer of 2004 - in addition to stories from 1999 through 2002 - these 13 works of short fiction (along with 2 flash pieces from 2009) have recently been curated by author Johnny Fontaine to create Wild Embrace. With disruptive honesty, fierce intentionality and scandalous freedom, these stories offer the reader a moxie-filled blast of a literary ride that takes your breath away and leaves you panting for more!!

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From the Author...

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"Many of these stories haunted and called to me for quite some time before they were brought to the ZOETROPE creative enclave in the Summer of '04," admits Wild Embrace author, Johnny Fontaine. "What I most admired about that collaborative was the capacity for other writers to sniff out the bullshit in a tale and offer - if I was willing to endure the bittersweet frostbite of honest feedback - the opportunity to craft a good story."

Here’s what some Zoetrope writers thought of
just a few of the stories included in Wild Embrace:

A Review of Wild Embrace...

A Master Storyteller who paints a shockingly clear picture

with all the hues of human experience!

"Johnny Fontaine's work is truly a 'glorious ruin', and a 'treasure hidden in darkness': one must never judge this book by its cover — quite literally in this case...

When I first opened this book I thought it was something like 'Stephen King meets J.D. Salinger' — which is not a bad thing, since I've been reading both for years. If you, as a reader, don't fear 'the shadow' part of humanity — which is, I daresay, part of every single soul — and love storytelling, you would love this book. It is, at a glance at least, filled with adventure, some darker than other: blood, sex and 'moxie' flow in equal quantities...

But there is something else at work here; there is depth that goes far beyond the immediate, the obvious, the spectacular...

The spectrum of the human experience is made available here — if not in whole, then in a very large portion — and the longings, the lusts, the shadow and the rage, and indeed the holiness of every human being, can be seen and felt through those pages.

'More will be revealed', says the mysterious author who — although he tends to 'curse too much and pray too little' — is actually a wonderful person of amazing spirituality and rare depth of soul and character.

And so, in response to his promise for more, I would say, 'bring it on!'

Eagerly awaiting the next Fontaine book.."

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Author of...

The Father-Wound

The Recovery of Innocence

Reclaiming Courage

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